Relationships are the site of tremendous growth and depth. Within relationship, you can encounter both deep vulnerabilities and possibilities to heal long standing attachment wounds. I support couples to do the work to create safety and self-trust internally as well as between each other. This requires honesty, clear communication, and a lot of self-soothing in order to define what you need and desire.

I use Gottman informed principles as well as somatic therapy to support couples with improving trust, communication, intimacy, and navigating differences. Relationships can be so beautiful and so painful. I have a lot of respect for the vulnerability required to create deep and nourishing bonds. Developing tools for clear communication of feelings, boundaries, wants/needs goes a long way to create trust and resolve conflict effectively.

I’ve worked with couples in monogamous and polyamorous relationship dynamics. I work well with couples who are navigating differences in their experience–such as different trauma histories, relationship to substances, or experiences of being neurodiverse. I’ve supported couples working through conflict, betrayal, grief, and life challenges (like parenting, career change, aging, illness). I’ve worked with couples at various stages of relationship, from beginning to the brink of ending.

In all my work with couples, I’m nonjudgemental, sex and body positive, aware of larger social power structures as they impact love and relationship, and invested in creating a nurturing space for you to be open and grow together. Your relationship is a singular combination of the two of you. Let’s work on resolving your barriers to enjoying and celebrating this unique bond.