Facilitation and Arts Coaching


Using techniques from art and somatic therapy, mindfulness, polyvagal theory, and guided visualization, I facilitate groups and workshops for increasing calm and creativity. Workshops at public schools, corporations, jails, museums, universities, and community centers supported participants to practice nervous system regulation, get into a flow state, and enjoy the creative process.

I offer:

-Team and group facilitation

-Corporate wellbeing workshops

-Effective ways to improve workplace culture

-Proven stress-reduction tools to reduce burn out


Individual Coaching

Coaching for artists, writers, and creatives to support with navigating blocks and defining goals in the creative process. If you are feeling stuck in work on a creative project, these one time, short-term, or as needed sessions will support with clarifying goals, problem-solving, and effective movement towards a successful resolution.


Please get in touch for more information about coaching or facilitation.

For all inquiries, contact: Dana